True Gospel Music

By Demetra Davis – “It’s all about the message…”

Singing Is Ministry…

Posted by sismete on December 4, 2007

The word, Ministry, is sadly frequently misused in this age of church specialization. In its traditional sense, ministry work is most easily recognized as a person, (usually a man), standing in a church teaching out of the Bible on a Sunday morning. The world later came to acknowledge the selfless, tireless work of Mother Teresa as ministry work. In short, I could sum it up best by saying that ministry is a “service.” It is the responsibility and work that God commits to those who believe in Christ; these people possess different talents, gifts and abilities that are given for the specific task of instructing and helping others.

The path that leads to healing a person’s spirit as well as their physical bodies can be revealed through ministry work. My abilities of singing, playing, songwriting, composing, working with large and small choirs as well as teaching the “Spoken” word as it relates to our daily lives is how I’ve come to use my skill set to instruct and help others.

The intent of this blog is to give a voice, to coin a phrase, not only to my own thoughts, realizations and life experiences, but also to provide a place for others who like me have come to understand that singing True Gospel Music is ministry work that reaches people and touches them when – and – where no other form of ministry can reach them.

In future posts there will be other ministers of True Gospel Music here. Sharing their thoughts, feelings and songs. Talking about their personal experiences with non dogmatic, pure gospel music ministry work.

Remember, “It’s all about the message…”


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